Who to Pull in HSR 2.1? Archeron, Luocha and Aventurine, Jingliu

Should you pull for Archeron, Luocha, Aventurine, or Jingliu in Honkai Star Rail 2.1? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and choose the best one.

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Who to Pull in HSR 2.1? Archeron, Luocha and Aventurine, Jingliu

Honkai Star Rail 2.1 includes 2 new and rerun characters. In phase 1, Archeron and Luocha, and in phase 2, Aventurine and Jingliu. Archeron and Luocha banner will be released on March 27, while Aventurine and Jingliu will be released in the second half of the update. All these characters are proficient in different combat scenarios. That’s why we discuss each character’s advantages and disadvantages, concluding with guidance on who to pull for among them.


Path: The Nihility

Element: Lightning

She will be a very strong multi-target DPS and does not use energy for her ultimate; instead, her kit allows her to use her ultimate more often than other characters. However, this also renders some of the Simulated Universe + Tingyun (one of the strongest free-to-play buffers) useless for her.

Additionally, she relies on debuffs from allies and enemies, so if you’re an early player, you may not have enough debuffers yet.


Path: The Abondance

Element: Imaginary

He’s an extremely useful healer in both Pure Fiction and MOC. He can maintain healing during long battles, and his ult can deal significant damage. He also has wonderful base stats, which make him easier to build.

But Aventurine can’t prevent for One-shot attacks (not as Bailu or a Shield character).

However, he’s very easy to use and to understand which makes him one of the best beginner option, and his value won’t decrease so soon.


Path: The Preservation

Element: Imaginary

He’s a great solo sustain character who can protect, debuff/buff, and deal significant DMG. His shield is stackable which makes it comparable to Gepard ultimate’s one.

He prevents one-shot deaths, and as a sustain character, he’s very important in a Honkai Star Rail team. But as he doesn’t heal, you must ensure his shield is always active! He can’t be paired with Blade (as Blade needs to lose HP to deal more DMG).


Path: The Destruction

Element: Ice

She’s a top-tier DPS but not very useful in Pure Fiction. She’s more beginner-friendly than Archeron as she doesn’t need specific characters to be paired with (can be played in more general teams) and she’s easier to build. However, she requires knowledge and awareness of when to use her ult, which makes her not so easy to play at her maximum potential.

She’s a low skill point consumer so if you struggle with skill point management she could be very useful.


DPS (Archeron, Jingliu)

They’re both strong options, but Archeron requires more understanding or seniority in the game than Jingliu. This entails understanding debuffs, how they can stack, and acquiring enough debuffers to optimize her gameplay.

Overall, Archeron should be a stronger or more worthy option than Jingliu, but Jingliu is easier to play for beginners.

Sustains (Aventurine, Luocha)

If you already have 2 strong sustain characters, then you can consider DPS more than another sustain, but if you don’t then pulling for one of the both is a better option. Both are really good but:

  • Aventurine can prevent one shot, Luocha can’t.
  • Luocha can heal, Aventurine can’t.

Moreover, Aventurine significantly buffs his allies, making him the first option to pick. However, if you simply want a sustain character without needing to think too much during battle, then go for Luocha.

After reading the final conclusion, which one you are going to pull for? Let’s know in the comments.

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