Yunli Voice Actors in HSR

All voice actors behind Yunli character in Honkai Star Rail. Same EN Voice Actor as Genshin Impact's Navia.

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Yunli Voice Actors in HSR

Yunli is a 5-star Physical character on the path of Destruction. HoYoverse revealed her official drip marketing and confirmed her debut on the release of version 2.4 update. In the meantime, we are here to share the details of each voice actress who lends her beautiful voice to Yunli. So, if you are looking for Yunli’s voice actors, this is a must-read article for you.

Yunli English Voice Actor

Brenna Larsen and Yunli

Brenna Larsen is the English voice actor for Yunli. She is an American actress, voice actress, and singer. She is known for voicing Navia in Genshin Impact. Yes, the same EN voice actor will now be known for voicing Yunli in Honkai Star Rail. This means Larsen now has many Traveller and Trailblazer fans across her social media profiles.

This is not the first time Brenna Larsen has voiced in HSR. She has already voiced NPCs like Banxia, Chunfen, and Yinshu.

Yunli Japanese Voice Actor

Shion Wakayama and Yunli

Shion Wakayama is the JP voice actor for Yunli. She is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Himawari Theatre Group. The intresting thing is she joined the group at the age of three and did acting in various television dramas. She later became a voice actress and was cast in her first lead role as Aoi Aioi in Her Blue Sky.

Yunli Korean Voice Actor

Lee Ju-eun and Yunli

Lee Ju-eun is the KR voice actor for Yunli. She is an South Korean voice actress. Even though we don’t have many references on the internet related to her, but you can find more information including her social profiles on Numu Wiki.

Yunli Chinese Voice Actor

Liu Wen and Yunli

Liu Wen is the CN voice actor for Yunli. She is a chinese voice actor from Shanghai. She known for her roles in animation, video games, radio drama, etc. More details about her available on Moegirlpedia.

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