Honkai Star Rail 2.3/Firefly Release Date and Livestream Date

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 and the Firefly release date have already been confirmed in HoYoverse's latest post. Here is the livestream date as well.

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Honkai Star Rail 2.3/Firefly Release Date and Livestream Date

Honkai Star Rail 2.2 is live as of May. The next update will be version 2.3. In this article, you will learn about the release date and time of the next update, including the livestream date. There will be two new 5-star characters in this update, so many Trailblazers are eagerly awaiting HSR 2.3. Here are all the details about the dates.

HoYoverse usually does not announce HSR’s next version release information. However, there are certain types of events available that confirm the exact date for us. One such event is the limited-time event known as “Clockie: Dreamjoy Memoir.” The end date of this event was announced by the Honkai Star Rail official, which also confirms the 2.3 release date.

HSR 2.3 Release Date

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 or Firefly release date is June 19, 2024, at 11:00 (UTC+8). This date is based on the end date of the Clockie: Dreamjoy Memoir event. HoYoverse typically releases new updates two days after the end of the previous version’s limited-time event. According to their X post, the limited-time event for version 2.2 is ending on June 17, which is why we expect HoYoverse to release version 2.3 and the Firefly banner on June 19. Additionally, that day falls on a Wednesday.

According to HoYoverse’s drip marketing, Firefly will make her debut in phase 1, while Jade will make her debut in phase 2 of the HSR 2.3 update. We will share Jade’s release date separately after the start of phase 1 of version 2.3.

HSR 2.3 Livestream Date

Based on the above-mentioned 2.3 release date, the expected livestream date for Honkai Star Rail 2.3 is June 7, 2024, at 19:30 (UTC+8). This is an expected release date that is subject to change. We anticipate June 7 as the livestream date for 2.3 because it falls on a Friday. HoYoverse typically follows the same release pattern for most of their livestreams.

Which of the two new characters in Honkai Star Rail 2.3 will you pull for: Firefly or Jade? Let’s start a conversation in the comments.

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