Aventurine and His Banner Release Date in Honkai Star Rail

When will HoYoverse release Aventurine? See the banner release date and time for Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Phase 2.

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Aventurine and His Banner Release Date in Honkai Star Rail

Aventurine is a 5-star imaginary character who will make his debut in Honkai Star Rail soon. This debut for the next update has already been confirmed with official drip marketing and his character leaks in version 2.1 beta. Even though drip marketing and 2.1 special program (livestream) revealed Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher, they will debut in different phases of the update.

As per the HSR 2.1 livestream, Aventurine will release in the second half, which is expected to be on April 17, 2024, at 12:00 (server time). Because he will appear in the second half of 2.1, the phase 2 release date is the same as Aventurine’s debut date. If version 2.1 lasts for 6 weeks, the Aventurine banner will end on May 7, 2024, at 14:59 (server time).

You can check this HSR countdown website for Aventurine banner countdown.

Even wrap Aventurine

About Aventurine Light Cone

Aventurine Light Cone Banner

Name: Inherently Unjust Destiny

Rarity: 5-star

Path: The Preservation

All-In (S5): Increases the wearer’s DEF by 64%. When the wearer provides a Shield to an ally, the wearer’s CRIT DMG increases by 64%, lasting for 2 turn(s). When the wearer’s follow-up attack hits an enemy target, there is a 160% base chance to increase the DMG taken by the attacked enemy target by 16%, lasting for 2 turn(s).

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