Wuthering Waves Completes 30 Million Pre-registration: Free Rewards Unlocked

Wuthering Waves Hits 30 Million Pre-registration globally. Rewards just unlocked for every players pre-registered.

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Wuthering Waves Completes 30 Million Pre-registration: Free Rewards Unlocked

Kuro Game confirms that Wuthering Waves has reached over 30 million pre-registrations globally. This means all pre-registration rewards are now unlocked for everyone who has pre-registered for the game. Even as this article is being edited, Wuthering Waves continues to surpass milestones, currently standing at over 31.5 million pre-registrations.

Furthermore, those who want to check the live pre-registration count can simply visit the official website. Here, Kudo Game sets a counter for total pre-registration until it is globally released.

Wuthering Waves is set to release globally on May 22nd. With less than a week remaining until its launch, those who have not yet pre-registered can visit the Play Store, App Store, and Epic Games Store to pre-register, pre-order, and wishlist Wuthering Waves. Additionally, on the official website, people can directly pre-register without having to visit a specific game store.

On and after May 22nd, players can claim pre-registration rewards for Wuthering Waves via the in-game mailbox. The rewards include Lustrous Tide x20, Sigil: En Route, Astrite x200, Advanced Resonance Potion x10, and Shell Credit x80,000.

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