Voice Actors of Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Looking for Yangyang Voice Actors? Here are the English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese voice actors of the Aero character.

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Voice Actors of Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang Voice Actors

Yangyang is a 4-star Aero character in Wuthering Waves. Even though her rarity is not 5-star, she is still one of the most popular characters in the game. In this article, you will find out about all the voice actresses who lend their voices to Yangyang in different languages. So, let’s start with the English voice actor and end this article with the Chinese voice actor.

Yangyang English Voice Actor

Rebecca Yeo and Yangyang

Rebecca Yeo is an actress and producer who voiced Yangyang in English. She is known for North Star, For Her Sins, Batgirl, and We Are Not Alone. Yeo also appeared in the Wuthering Waves reveal livestream.

Yangyang Japanese Voice Actor

Yui Ishikawa and Yangyang

Yui Ishikawa is the Japanese Voice Actor for Yangyang. She is a talented Japanese voice actress who has brought many characters to life in anime, video games, and radio dramas. Ishikawa also voiced for Clorinde in Genshin Impact. Which game considered as compaction for Wuthering Waves. In Honkai Star Rail, you can find her voicing the female MC.

Yangyang Korean Voice Actor

Lee Yu-ri and Yangyang

Lee Yu-ri is the Korean voice actor for Yangyang. She is a South Korean actress. Lee first became known for her role in the teen drama series School 4, and subsequently gained popularity with her role in the family drama Precious Family.

Yangyang Chinese Voice Actor

Chongchong and Yangyang

Chongchong is the Chinese voice actor for Yangyang. She is a female voice actor and dubbing director from mainland China. Chongchong is mainly known for her work in video games, animated series, and animated films.

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