Hoyo-Mix Shares Honkai Star Rail Astral Theater Original Soundtracks

HoYoverse's HOYO-MIX shares a new album, Astral Theater, featuring the original Honkai Star Rail game soundtracks.

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Hoyo-Mix Shares Honkai Star Rail Astral Theater Original Soundtracks

Image source: HoYoLAB/Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail features many in-game soundtracks. Hoyo-Mix is a HoYoverse artist account on platforms like Spotify that shares many albums and soundtracks related to their games, Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.

Astral Theater is a new event music album that features 30 original game soundtracks of HSR. Trailblazers can listen and enjoy these soundtracks using three platforms. The official platforms for the tracks are Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Choose Spotify if you want to enjoy all 30 soundtracks for free and easily, as Apple Music may require a subscription. Additionally, use YouTube, but note that the YouTube app doesn’t support background play without a premium subscription.

Here are the names of the 30 Astral Theater soundtracks:

  1. Paean of Indulgence.
  2. Night Bazaar in Full Glow.
  3. Whispers of Departure.
  4. Wedding Wine.
  5. Nesting Avians.
  6. Above The Fray.
  7. Haunting Hoots.
  8. Dancing Fantasms.
  9. Age of Innocence.
  10. Age of Opulence.
  11. A Gentleman’s Fantasy.
  12. In Disbelief.
  13. Aberrant Receptacle.
  14. Primordial Resplendence.
  15. Subterranean Enigma.
  16. Everwinter’s Collection.
  17. Sleepwalking.
  18. Neuropulse.
  19. Lurking Dread.
  20. Shadows of Enigma.
  21. Oneiros of Borehole Planet.
  22. Cosmic Sacrifice for Love.
  23. Cold Iron, Warming Sun.
  24. Battle Arena.
  25. Welcome to Aetherium Wars!
  26. Battle! Championship Contender.
  27. Coliseum of Victory.
  28. Battle! Tournament Winner.
  29. Battle! Ultimate Champion.
  30. Battle! King of the Snowy Hill.

All this music is composed by the HOYO-MiX music team. Feel free to save them and use them as your ringtone.

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