Who to Pull in HSR 2.0? Black Swan, Sparkle, Dan Heng, or Jing Yuan

Should you pull for Black Swan or Dan Heng and Sparkle or Jing Yuan? Honkai Star Rail 2.0 best pull guide.

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Who to Pull in HSR 2.0? Black Swan, Sparkle, Dan Heng, or Jing Yuan

Star Rail version 2.0 starts from this February and will be available until March. There are 4 characters available to pull for in both phases. But which one should you pull for? If you’re feeling the same hesitation, then this guide is just for you. Here we will share character details and some advantages and disadvantages, including conclusions. So, you can pull for the best character that matches your playstyle and strategy.

Black Swan and Dan Heng will be available from phase 1, while Sparkle and Jing Yuan will be available in phase 2. Let’s start with Black Swan.

Black Swan

Black Swan is a 5-star Wind character with the path of the Nihility. She can deal High AoE DOT DMG and makes DoT team a lot stronger so if you have Kafka she’s an excellent option.

Black Swan is efficient on both single targets and multi-targets, so you will be able to use her almost every time. She can even reduce the enemy’s DEF! However, she’s not easy to play and is not made for fast-paced battles, as she needs time to deal all the damage she could.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is also a 5-star Imaginary character with the path of Destruction. He has lost a bit of his value since his release with all the new characters, but he is still an excellent DPS who can deal tons of damage to a single target and its adjacent enemies. However, he requires very good skill point management.

If you already have Ruan Mei and Bronya but no Kafka, he could be an option, even though Sparkle remains a better one.


Sparkle is a 5-star rarity Quantum character with the path of Harmony and is a god-tier buffer. She pairs very well with a mono-quantum/hypercarry team, providing Crit DMG and Speed. She can even recover skill points.

Sparkle has everything you need from a buffer, so even if you already have Bronya and Ruan Mei, pulling for her will increase the value of your box. However, if you have Bronya, Ruan Mei, and Kafka, then Black Swan could be a better option for you.

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is a 5-star Lightning element character with the path of Erudition. He is a top-tier AoE DPS, but his value has decreased a lot since his release. He requires a lot of investment to get the best build, and it’s only with the best build that he is really effective.

Jing Yuan consumes a lot of skill points and relies heavily on supports. His value has decreased since his release, and even though he can be really good, I do not recommend you pull for him along with the other options.


Sparkle: If you already have Ruan Mei and Bronya, going for Sparkle isn’t a necessity (but it’s still recommended); however, if you only have one of them, then surely go for her.

Black Swan: If you have Kafka and a lot of DoT characters already built, including having Ruan Mei and Bronya, then she becomes the best option.

Dan Heng: He is an excellent DPS but requires good skill point management. He will be good to pair with Sparkle, so if you don’t have Kafka, get Sparkle first, then include Dan Heng.

Jing Yuan: A very good AoE DPS but requires too much investment and skill points.

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