Free Fire OB43 Update Date, New Features, Changes, and Character

OB43 update reveals a new character with spider-like abilities. Check out what's new events, features and changes including the release date.

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Free Fire OB43 Update Date, New Features, Changes, and Character

Free Fire OB43 advance server started on January 5 and will be available until January 19. Once the advance server ends, Garena will globally push the patch update. Even though official date is still being announced, we have the expected date when the update may be released.

Normally, OB updates release 4-5 days after the advance server ends. In this case, we can expect the Free Fire OB43 update release date to be January 24, 2024. The update will be released on the Play Store at 9:30 AM IST.

After the last October 31 (OB42) update, this OB43 update is scheduled to be released months later. So, we can expect many new changes in this OB update. From the latest advance server, we have collected many details related to OB43. Let’s explore all of them.

New Events

Garena plans to release many new events with the OB43 update. Some of these are regional, and some are global. Regional events will be released for selected countries or FF servers, while global events will be released for all servers and countries.

Here are the planned events for OB43:

  • Chaos Event (Global).
  • Valentines 2024 (Regional).
  • Ramadan 2024 (Global).
  • Holi 2024 (Regional).

It looks like Chaos is a new event coming for the first time in Free Fire. So, we need to wait for the OB43 release to get more information related to this event.

The Valentine’s Day Event will run for 2 weeks starting from the first week of February. The peak day for the Valentine Event will be February 14. The Ramadan event will run from March to April, lasting almost a month. Additionally, the Holi Festival event will be released for selected servers on March 24-25, which also includes the India server.

A New Character

Ryden character

It is very common for Garena to add a new character with every OB update. Ryden is a new character coming to Free Fire. He has an active skill called Spider Trap. After using the skill, a spider will appear on the ground, and the user can even control the direction of that spider.

Skill Description (as of OB43):

Release a destructible explosive spider in the target direction. Lasts for 30s. Tap on the skill button again within 10s to stop the spider’s movement. The spider will catch the first enemy it spotted within 5m, reduce their speed by 80% and cause them to lose 10 HP/s. The bleeding effect will last for 4s. Cooldown: 75s.

Ryden ability showcase

This is a best skill for attacking enemies.

Undo Purchase or Sell

Sometimes, players buy weapons and other equipment from the Store in Clash Squad that are not necessary. Now, there is an option to take back the weapon or gun in the store. It means you can sell them and get your FF coins back.

This option has appeared in Clash Squad mode on the OB43 advance server. Perhaps this feature will be added to battle royale modes in upcoming updates.

New Sniper Rifle

VSK94 Free Fire

You may know about AWM or M82B sniper rifles in Free Fire. Garena introduced a new sniper rifle called VSK94 in this OB43 update. This sniper rifle can beat the AWM if used properly.

M1873 Added

The M1873 is a shotgun with 2 bullets. You can purchase this gun from the CS Store in the first round. Most players use G18 and M500 in the first round. Now, they have another choice of a powerful shotgun. The disadvantage is that the M1873 is only powerful for short range and offers no benefits in long-range combat.

Vehicle Update

There are 3 vehicles updated in this update: Tricycle, Truck, and Monster Truck. The Tricycle is also known as Tuk Tuk or Auto Rickshaw. The Truck is the blue two-person truck, and you may already be familiar with the strongest vehicle, the Monster Truck.

Tricycle: Enhanced maneuverability, increased speed, improved overall driving experience, and higher vehicle HP.

Truck: Now accommodates up to 4 passengers, which means all the squad can ride in the truck.

Truck carrying upto 4 players

Truck with 4 passengers

Monster Truck: Increased collision damage, significantly higher health, improved gloo wall breaking capability, and enhanced maneuverability.

Cyber Mushroom

Cyber Mushroom

Cyber Mushroom is a new type of artificial mushroom that can heal HP and EP within a limited circular area. The way to use Cyber Mushroom is the same as a normal mushroom.

Danger Zone is back

Danger Zone

Danger Zone aka Red Zone, is back in Battle Royale mode with increased zone damage. Be more careful when using vehicles within a danger zone.

Another notable feature is Born to Fight. Now, everyone will get a UMP upon landing. So, no need to worry about guns—just land and start the battle.

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