Free Fire Ryden Character Skill Combination

Best character skill combination for Ryden. Never forget to equip these character skills if you are using Ryden.

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Free Fire Ryden Character Skill Combination

Ryden is a Free Fire character with an active skill. When you look at him normally, his abilities may not appear attractive and powerful. However, with the perfect skill combination, anyone can unleash the full power of Ryden. In this guide article, we will show you the best combination, tips, and tricks to use Ryden, allowing you to utilize this character in Battle Royale, Clash Squad, and even lone wolf mode.

Before learning about the skills, we need to understand what Ryden’s ability is. His skill is named Spider Trap, and it releases a destructible explosive spider in the target direction. Lasts for 30s. Players can tap on the skill button again within 10s to stop the spider’s movement. The spider will catch the first enemy it spotted within 5m, reduce their speed by 80% and cause them to lose 10 HP/s. The bleeding effect will last for 4s. Cooldown: 75s.

You may notice changes in his skill numbers in future OB updates of Free Fire.

Best Character Skill Combination for Ryden


Ryden in-game look

Use these character skills in the skill slot of Ryden to boost your gameplay power.

Note: Only use this character skill combination if you are a rusher because these are all attacking skills. If you are a camper, this skill combination may not be suitable for your playstyle.

1. Moco


Enigma’s Eye

Tag hit enemies for 5s. Info will be shared with teammates.

Awakening: Markings on hit enemies last longer when enemies move (up to 6.5s longer).

Moco is a Free Fire character with a passive skill. Her skill is called Enigma’s Eye. First, you need to add Enigma’s Eye to the skill slot. When you activate Ryden’s active skill next time, it will expose the locations of damaged or trapped enemies. Then, rush onto the enemies and eliminate them, as Ryden’s spider traps will decrease their movement speed.

So, definitely add Moco’s passive skill when using Ryden’s character.

2. Luna



Increases firing rate by 8%. When user hits an enemy, a maximum of 15% of the firing rate converts into movement speed, and the conversion resets when user survives the combat.

Luna’s character skill will help you increase the rate of fire of guns and your movement speed by up to 15%. Suppose the enemy is trapped by Ryden’s spider, then Moco will reveal their location. In the meantime, you can deal massive damage to the enemy with a high rate of fire and movement speed. The enemy player will not be able to attack on you properly as their movement speed has already decreased due to Ryden’s spider trap.

3. Otho


Memory Mist

After knocking down an enemy, marks their teammates within 20m from them and slows down their movement speed by 25%. Lasts for 4s. When knocked down by a nearby enemy, marks and slows down the attacker and their teammates.

Otho’s passive skill is the best character skill with Ryden. Knocking down an enemy will reveal their teammates’ locations and decrease their movement speed by 25%. In this way, you can easily eliminate those enemies whose movement speed has already decreased.

After using Ryden, Moco, Luna, and Otho’s skill combination, you can easily defeat the opponents as a rusher. The movement speed of opponents will decrease, their HP will also decrease, and locations will also be exposed.

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