Gyan Gaming Lost A Leg on Recent Accident

Gyan Gaming admitted to ICU after a serious road accident on Monday. Whole Free Fire community is praying for him.

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Gyan Gaming Lost A Leg on Recent Accident

Gyan Sujan popularly known as Gyan Gaming is one of the biggest Indian Free Fire creator. Since 2018, he has done many live stream and gameplay videos and achieve millions of fanbase. But on April 22, a car hit Sujan Mistri (Gyan Sujan), he got many injuries on the road accident. Later he admitted to ICU and was in ventilation.

As of Publishing this article on April 26, Gyan Sujan still in critical condition. According to a update video on his channel, we need to wait for 3-4 more days to know about if Gyan Bhai is out of danger or not.

As mentioned above, Gyan Sujan got many injuries during the accident. As reported on Gyan Gaming channel, sadly he lost his right leg.

As a Gyan Gaming fan, right now we all should pray for him to survive current situation and get healthy as soon as possible. We’ll share further updates about Gyan Gaming below…

Update April 29: Gyan Sujan shifted from ICU to Cabin. He is recovering well.

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