Underworld Gang Wars Closed Beta Registration Starts

Mayhem-Studios opens Underworld Gang Wars closed beta registration, but only Android users can take part in this CBT.

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Underworld Gang Wars Closed Beta Registration Starts

Underworld Gang Wars Closed Beta Registration is now open. Anyone who wants to try this battle royale title ahead of the global launch can register for CBT. Mayhem-Studios has started collecting UGW closed beta applications through form submissions. Fans can use the form, provide the required details, and submit. After selection, they will be able to play the game on their phone.

This closed beta exclusively plans for Android users; iOS users can’t take part in this CBT right now. Only Android users with a Google Play account will be eligible. Furthermore, UGW developers mentioned that the game requires a device with at least 6 GB of RAM. They are working on making the game available in other configurations soon. But for now, this CBT requires at least a 6 GB RAM device to play the game without any problems.

All fans need to do is open the form page, enter valid details, including their email address. Make sure to provide the email ID associated with your Play Store account, as developers will send early access details to that email address if you are selected.

After getting selected for the closed beta, simply open UGW on the Play Store. Here, you will notice the Install button to download the game. If the install button does not appear, ensure that you log in to the Play Store with the same email ID you used during closed beta registration. Also, clearing Play Store data sometimes helps to fetch the latest version of the app.

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