Need for Speed Mobile Releasing Globally This Fall

Apple WWDC 2024 reveals that the Need for Speed Mobile game is releasing globally this fall. Check out the full coverage.

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Need for Speed Mobile Releasing Globally This Fall

Need for Speed Mobile, also known as NFS Assemble, is releasing globally this fall in 2024. This news comes from Apple’s WWDC 2024 event. For now, we can say that the game will be available for iOS users between September and December 2024. They haven’t mentioned the exact release date, but we have this information for now.

Below is the video clip from WWDC 2024 that mentions NFS Mobile.

At WWDC 2024, they says:

We’re excited to announce that Need for Speed Mobile by Tencent Games and EA will be one of the first titles with personalized spatial audio coming this fall.

Dev at WWDC

Need For Speed Mobile will be one of the first titles to get Apple’s Personalised Spatial Audio. Apple’s Personalized Spatial Audio is a feature introduced in iOS 16 that tailors the spatial audio experience for your individual ears. Spatial audio itself creates a three-dimensional sound experience, like surround sound, but for headphones. Personalized Spatial Audio takes it a step further by using your iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to create a custom profile of your ears.

We previously published an article in which we shared that NFS Assemble is now on the App Store in China, where an expected release date was mentioned. But that was for the Chinese version only. The global version is coming later than the release of the Chinese version.

NFS Mobile/NFS Assemble

For those who are confused between NFS Mobile and NFS Assemble, we want to clarify that the game has two versions: a Chinese version and a global version. According to our research and some sources, the title is known as Need for Speed Assemble in China and as Need for Speed Mobile globally. Therefore, Electronic Arts will publish the global version, Need for Speed Mobile, while Level Infinite under Tencent Games will publish the China-only version, Need for Speed Assemble.

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