Delta Force Hawk Ops Mobile Beta Coming this June

Delta Force Hawk Ops beta is likely to release this June for mobile and PC. Check out the beta test system requirements.

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Delta Force Hawk Ops Mobile Beta Coming this June

Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a next-generation tactical shooter game coming for mobile, PC, and console. According to the gaming news reporter Reporters On Duty, “Delta Force First Mobile Beta Coming in mid June. The beta will include Include a new Hazard Ops (Extraction) map Airbase, new Havoc Warfare modes such as conquest and blitz, and a new Recon operator.

The PC beta will also be scheduled at the same time.” This means mobile players and PC players are going to get the chance to play the next-gen title on their favorite platform. The mobile platform includes both iOS and Android. This beta testing is only going to open in the China region, as per sources.

A few days ago, developers uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing an Unreal Engine 5 teaser. It looks incredibly realistic. However, we should understand that most of today’s smartphones may not be able to handle the same types of graphics. That’s why most gamers suggest using a PC or console to experience the realistic graphics. Otherwise, with a high-end mobile device, it is also possible to play without lag and performance drops.

Here are the minimum system requirements to play Delta Force Beta on your smartphone:

System requirements
Image via: RoseThorn JiuCi and Translated with Google Lens Translation


  • SD845, Dimensity 1000 or Kirin 9000E or above
  • 4 GB RAM or above
  • 15 GB Storage


  • iPhone X or above

Source: Reporters on Duty

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