A Map also feature Crocodiles in Delta Force

A mini clip showcases how Delta Force crocodiles can be aggressive towards players.

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A Map also feature Crocodiles in Delta Force

Delta Force Hawk Ops is an upcoming multiplayer game for PC, console, and mobile devices. A few days ago, we covered a story on the first look of the mobile version of Delta Force. Now, there is a recent clip that shows a crocodile, confirming that players will face crocodiles in the game.

There is a new map named Zero Dam. According to the source Reporters On Duty, the Zero Dam map will feature crocodiles. They will be aggressive towards players and attack them if they get too close.

Here is a 7 seconds clip showcasing the dangerous crocodile attacking the player.

The Zero Dam map will be available in the upcoming PC beta test. So, those who play the Delta Force beta version on their PC can experience this map and observe how aggressive these crocodiles are.

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