Wex Mobile Pre-registration Starts on Play Store, Looks Promising

Wait for Wex Mobile is almost over. The publisher has finally opened pre-registration for everyone. New pre-registration trailer reveals more gameplay shots.

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Wex Mobile Pre-registration Starts on Play Store, Looks Promising

Wex Mobile is here. After three years of continuous development, the publisher RigelNext Games has opened pre-registration for India’s most awaited battle royale game, Wex Mobile. This means everyone can now pre-register on the Play Store for an exciting reward, the Warrior Heroes skin – Wukong.

The game was developed by two indie devs, Ishtmeet Singh and Harshdev Singh. The latest Wex Mobile trailer also showcases some gameplay clips in the second half of the trailer, which look very promising. Even though the game is a battle royale, it also contains RPG elements, meaning it can provide both the feel of a battle royale and a role-playing game.

With the open of pre-registration, we can expect the game’s release in 2024. Additionally, developers may release limited beta access in the first half of 2024. This will enable them to fix bugs and gather suggestions for additional add-ons in the game.

At the same time, two other anticipated games are in development in India. They are Indus Battle Royale and Underworld Gang Wars, aka UGW. This means that currently, three battle royale titles are in development in the country by different development teams and publishers.

Indus recently announced a closed beta for the new year. On the other hand, there have been no public beta announcements for Wex Mobile and UGW till 2023.

Wex Mobile’s consept, gameplay style is looks very unique compare to Indus and UGW. Where Indus looks similar play-style like Apex Legends Mobile, UGW looks similar to PUBG Mobile.

SuperGaming has the advantage of publishing several games before Indus, while Mayhem-Studios and RigelNext Games look new in the video game market.

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