Viral GTA VI Trailer, but in GTA V Style

A fan-made GTA VI trailer in GTA V style went viral on the internet within 24 hours.

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Viral GTA VI Trailer, but in GTA V Style

Since the release of the official GTA 6 trailer, many fans, artists, and creators have made its different versions. But what do you think if we say that the same GTA VI trailer is available in GTA V graphics style? Yes, a creator named RavenwestR1, who has expertise in recreating teasers and trailers, posted a 1-minute 30-second video on YouTube.

The trailer looks 99% similar to Rockstar’s official GTA VI trailer, but the difference is that it was created and filmed with GTA V. Within one day of posting that video, it went viral and achieved over 4 lakh views. Want to compare both trailers? Here, we’ve included the fan-made and Rockstar Games trailers of GTA 6.

GTA VI Fan made Trailer in GTA V graphics

Rockstar Games trailer in GTA VI graphics

Although the shots in both videos are similar, there is a huge difference in the graphics. In the video titled ‘GTA 6 Trailer but it’s faithfully recreated in GTA 5,’ YouTuber RavenwestR1 mentioned he spent too much time creating the trailer remake. Now it seems like his hard work has paid off.

Not all the elements shown in GTA VI are available in GTA V. Therefore, the creator used various mods such as Simple Native Trainer, Natural Vision Evolved, etc., to complete the trailer.

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