Valorant Mobile Launches Official Discord server

Valorant Mobile's new official Discord server could be a hint of upcoming global beta in 2024. Here's everything we know.

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Valorant Mobile Launches Official Discord server

Valorant Mobile is an upcoming edition from Riot Games, first announced in June 2021. Since then, the game has hyped up Valo fans. Valorant has many official social media pages, but for the mobile version, there were no pages. Right now, Valorant Mobile has finally created its official Discord server.

When video game publishers start creating official pages for upcoming games, it means they are ready to drop some announcements, news, and beta version updates to share. According to many leakers on X, formerly Twitter, the Valorant Mobile Global version (ENG) beta is expected to release in early 2024.

The Discord server of Valorant Mobile is public and available for anyone to join. So, Valo fans can join the server if they want to try Valorant Mobile early ahead of the global launch through the beta test.

Last year, we heard that Tencent was developing the mobile version. But the latest reports in mid-2023 suggest that Riot has taken over Valorant Mobile development from Tencent.

This coverage reports on the Global Version of Valorant Mobile. A few months ago in August 2023, Riot Games released the Valorant Mobile Chinese beta as Project C, and selected individuals had already tested the game.

Right now, it appears that Riot Games is moving forward with the global beta test. It’s sure that in 2024, Valorant fans can try the beta version of the game, which Riot Games will release with English translation instead of the previous Chinese version.

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