Zenless Zone Zero Set for Global Release Soon, Everything We Know So Far about HoYoverse’s New Game

HoYoverse looks ready to launch their all-new role-playing game Zenless Zone Zero. Pre-registration, Release Date, cross-platform and more.

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Zenless Zone Zero Set for Global Release Soon, Everything We Know So Far about HoYoverse’s New Game

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming urban fantasy action RPG title by HoYoverse, the same developer/publisher behind the world-famous Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. The game was introduced to HoYo fans in the first half of 2022. Since then, everyone has been waiting for the game. Now, Zenless has become one of the most anticipated video games of 2024.

Zenless Amplifying Test & Pre-registration

HoYoverse held an Amplifying Test for Android, iOS, and PC in April, including technical testing for the PS5 version. Additionally, Zenless Zone Zero is now officially listed on all platforms for pre-registration, including the Play Store, App Store, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation Store.

Cross-platform Support

Zenless Zone Zero will support cross-platform, so you can play across mobile, console, or PC devices.

The publisher set a target of 40 million pre-registrations, while more than 33 million pre-registrations have already been completed as of April 2024. Here are the rewards that Proxies will get:

Pre-registration Target Rewards
15 million Dennies x30,000
20 million Master Tape x3
25 million Boopon [Cou p-En] x5
30 million Master Tape x5
35 million Agent Corin – x1
40 million Master Tape x12

We are Proxies of Zenless Zone Zero

Proxies refers to the player in Zenless Zone Zero. Similarly, the player is called the Traveler in Genshin Impact and the Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail. So, if you want to become the first Proxy in the Zenless world and receive these rewards, head over to your favorite platform’s store and pre-register. I am an Android user and have already pre-registered for ZZZ via the Play Store.

Expected Release Date on App Store

If you are an old hardcore gaming fan, then you might know that when a new game is listed on the App Store, there is an expected release date included. According to Zenless’ App Store preview webpage, the RPG title is expected to be released on July 3, 2024. Until HoYoverse announces the official release date, fans can consider the App Store date as an expected release date.

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