Should You Pull Wanderer in Genshin Impact Version 4.6?

Genshin Impact Version 4.6 is live and phase two will feature Wanderer. However, the meta has changed and is he worth pulling for?

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Should You Pull Wanderer in Genshin Impact Version 4.6?


Genshin Impact 4.6 has gone live, and the first phase features Arlecchino and Lyney. However, the second phase will feature Wanderer and Baizhu. Even though Wanderer has been a fan favorite since its debut in December 2022, the meta has changed, causing many players to forget about him. The question that arises now is whether it’s worth pulling for him in version 4.6. 

It’s not worth pulling for Wanderer in version 4.6. The banners in 4.6 are already great, and 4.7 will feature new characters like Clorinde and Sigewinne. Furthermore, we don’t know which returning characters and weapons will feature in the Chronicled Wish Banner. However, if we assume that Liuye’s characters and weapons might be featured, there’s a high chance that Yelan and Hu Tao, who are currently among the best characters, will return.

Why is Wanderer Not Viable in the Current Meta?

Wanderer from Genshin Impact

Wanderer is an extremely fun character to play, thanks to his floating mechanic allowing him to fly around and damage enemies. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, you’re bound to enjoy playing him.

However, to make Wanderer viable in the game, you’ll have to invest a lot of time and resources into building him up. He’s one of those characters that require picture-perfect stats and artifacts to reach his full potential. You’ll need to spend hours farming for artifacts and resins to maintain a good Crit ratio while ensuring his other stats remain optimal.

Moreover, Wanderer relies heavily on a specific team composition that includes running Bennett and Faruzan. Faruzan is essential in supporting Wanderer, and you’ll need to build her and, ideally, get her to Constellation 6. Since Wanderer is always floating and dealing damage, he’s vulnerable to hits and requires a shield. Zhongli is the best shielder to use with Wanderer, though it means sacrificing an additional spot for a valuable unit.

Lastly, Wanderer performs best when equipped with a 5-star weapon. While 4-star weapons such as Widsith are decent, he won’t be as effective in Spiral Abyss without a 5-star weapon. 

Overall, if you’re a die-hard Wanderer fan, then by all means, pull for him. However, if you’re not, it’s recommended that you save your primogems for future characters.

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