POCO F5 Review for Gaming

Should you go for the POCO F5 phone for gaming? Read this review to know if the POCO F5 really fits your needs.

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POCO F5 Review for Gaming

POCO F5 review, especially from a gaming point of view

Mobile devices play a major role for most people. Even if someone doesn’t own a PC or console, they definitely have a mobile phone. By using this device, we can start gaming anytime, anywhere. That’s why I like mobile games. In today’s article, I will share my honest review of the POCO F5 smartphone. After reading this article, you will know whether you should go with this phone for playing games.

This article is heavily based on my personal experience after using the POCO F5 for more than 4 months. So, you will get an honest review to help you choose this phone for gaming.


Let’s start with the performance. It comes with the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor with an impressive Antutu score of almost 969,903. This processor is considered one of the powerful processors from Snapdragon.

I have the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage variant, which allows me to play multiplayer games smoothly. As a gamer, there are many high-sized games like Genshin Impact, Star Rail, etc., installed on the phone, thanks to its massive 256 GB storage. However, 512 GB would be better as the POCO F5 doesn’t have an SD/Memory card slot. If you don’t install multiple big-sized games at the same time, then trust me, 256 GB is enough.

Smoothness and Capacity

Smoothness is very important in games, and it is determined by FPS. The POCO F5 comes with 120 FPS support, which makes the gameplay experience ultra-smooth. However, high FPS in this post will definitely consume more battery percentage. The plus point here is the 5000mAh battery with a 67W turbo charger, which completes 0 to 100 within 50 minutes.

5G and Latest OS

Without 5G internet, there is no good experience in cloud gaming. Poco F5 is a future-proof phone. It comes with 5G support and the in-built Android 13 operating system (also supports Android 14). So, you can use it for cloud gaming and other purposes that require high-speed internet. Also, the latest Android version will give you the best possible user experience.

Perfect Sound

Most new-gen smartphones have stopped providing audio or headphone jack support. Thanks to POCO F5’s Dolby Atmos and 3.5mm audio jack support, both of which are really important for gaming. They give players hints about the direction from which footsteps sound is coming. Even if you don’t use a headphone jack, both left and right speakers will indicate the direction from which the actual sound is coming. These features are helpful for racing games, battle royale games, etc.

For Creative Works

If you are a creator, YouTuber, or blogger, you can run video editing apps and other editing apps if you want to make gaming-related videos and thumbnails. Video exporting speed is extremely fast and minimum.


I have played many different games on the POCO F5 with all high-quality graphics and FPS settings. Some of these include Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Need for Speed Mobile, Farlight 84, and Free Fire. All games run without lag issues. However, for heavy games like Genshin, Star Rail, or Warzone Mobile, you may notice a heating issue. Even though it may heat up, there is no impact on FPS and no lag issues. So, the conclusion is that POCO F5 is the best phone for mobile gaming. The 12 GB RAM variant is recommended if you want to use it for the long term.

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