Is XDefiant coming to Mobile?

Is XDefiant available for Android and iOS? Is there any official news from Ubisoft regarding XDefiant Mobile?

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Is XDefiant coming to Mobile?

XDefiant is an F2P FPS video game releasing on May 21, 2024. After Ubisoft’s official launch date announcement, fans are already seeking information on supported devices and specs. Many news sources like IGN and GameSpot report that XDefiant, a rival/competitor of Call of Duty, will finally release in May, which is also attracting COD players to the game. But is Ubisoft really planning to release XDefiant for mobile devices?

Let’s give the quick answer. XDefiant is not coming for mobile devices, which means none of the iOS and Android release dates have been announced by Ubisoft. They have only announced XDefiant for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Many PlayStation users are thinking about a PS4 release, but XDefiant’s official X (Twitter) handle confirmed that the game is not coming to PS4. When a fan asked about PS4, PlayXDefiant’s reply was:

Thanks for the question! We wanted to keep a consistent standard of quality for the game, so we made the decision to focus only on current gen consoles. Appreciate the understanding!

If you’re a gamer who enjoys trying out different games, you may have noticed that over the past year, high-budget titles like Resident Evil Village and Assassin’s Creed Mirage have made their way to the iOS App Store. Even though Ubisoft hasn’t announced XDefiant for mobile devices, iOS users with iPhone 15 and above will likely be able to play the title if Ubisoft announces it for iOS in the future. Sadly, as of 2024, we can’t expect similar titles like XDefiant for Android devices.

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