Is Palworld coming for Mobile?

Is there a Palworld Mobile version? Here is everything you need to know as a mobile player interested in Palworld.

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Is Palworld coming for Mobile?

Is Palworld being cooked for mobile?

Palworld has become the most liked game with very positive reviews since the beginning of 2024. PC and console players are enjoying this new title. On the other hand, mobile players are eagerly anticipating Palworld Mobile. If you are looking for Palworld’s mobile version details, then this article will provide you with a lot of information, including what we know so far about Palworld on mobile.

If you have not experienced Palworld until now, your interest in this game will definitely increase after knowing this – According to officials, Palworld has sold over 5 million copies in only 3 days.

Palworld Sales

Image source: X/Palworld

Not only that, within 3 days, Palworld achieved a 93% positive review rating from 41,229 users and received a 9/10 rating. After seeing this, we started researching whether mobile users will be able to experience this title. Here’s what we found…

Palworld was initially released for PC and consoles. There is no official mobile version of the game right now. But given its popularity and continuous growth, developers may expand its support for Android and iOS in the future.

By following the GamingOnPhone source, we’ve found that Palworld’s developer and publisher, Pocket Pair, is looking for mobile game engineers. The engineers must be experts in Unity, the Japanese language, and many other skills.

Here is the original job post source. You can use this link to read the Pocket Pair job description in English.

Pocket Pair job of mobile game engineer

Translated screenshot of the job description

So, after reading that job description, what should we expect? Most of Pocket Pair’s games are available for PC and consoles, but the publisher has started hiring mobile game developers in recent days. Even though they have not officially confirmed Palworld’s development for mobile, their active hiring may be a big hint for Palworld Mobile. It means fans can expect that Palworld has a higher chance of being adapted for mobile, given its demand, growth, rapid success, and the hiring of mobile game developers by Pocket Pair Japan.

Currently, we only have hints and speculations about the mobile version. Until Pocket Pair announces it officially, we should keep an eye on every hint regarding Palworld Mobile development.

That’s it for now related the game. It’s future is definitely looking bright. Hope developers understand its demand for mobile gaming market and look forward to mobile audience also. Stay tuned with Gen Gamer, we will share further intersting news about Palworld that you would not miss.

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