Who to Pull for in Honkai Star Rail 1.6?

Should you pull for Ruan Mei, Kafka, Blade, or Dr. Ratio? Let's find out.

Published: Dec 26, 2023

She's an insane buffer and will be extremely easy to use, that will make her fit into a lot of team comps. If you only have Tingyun as a support character, pulling for her is 100% worth it.

But if you already have Bronya it may not be necessary to pull for her (but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't pull for her).

Ruan Mei

Her unique kit makes her a very strong choice but her value kinda decreased with the release of new characters, but it could increase at any time as soon as new DoT character get release.

If you already build your Sampo + Asta/Tingyun then you canconsider her as very good option. If not, be aware that you'll need to build them to play hee in a good team (that makes her a quite materials expensive character).


Like Kafka, his value decreased with time and the release of new DPS, but even with that he's still an extremely good DPS, great at single target and AoE DMG.

But he needs a very efficient healer/shielder to be plaid with, so if you have none he won't be a good option.

If you already have a lot of DPS, between him and Kafka, Kafka should be a better option as she got higher chances to be better at long-terms.


We will get one for free! that makes him the last recommended to pull for.

(not that his a bad character, not at all, but as we already get 1 for free you don't need to wonder if you should pull or not since you'll get him anyway).

Dr. Ratio


1. Ruan Mei: In any scenario she will be useful to you, she's the best and safest choice out of the 4.

2. Blade: If you already have 2 strong DPS then go for Kafka instead. He needs a very efficient HEALER/SHIELDER! (if you already have one and don't want Ryan then go for him).


3. Kafka: Her unique Playstyle makes her a great long-term choice even if at the moment her value is lower than Blade one's.

You'll need to build your SAMPO + ASTA/TINGYUN! (if you already build them and don't want Ruan then go for her).

4. Dr. Ratio: We will get one for free.

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