Meet Hanya's Sister in Honkai Star Rail

Xueyi is revealed as Hanya's sister. A quick introduction to the 4-star unit.

Published: Dec 24, 2023

Hanya's little sister, Xueyi, is introduced by HoYoverse, revealing more about their relationship.

Hanya and Xueyi both appeared in 'Under the Blue Sky' and 'Return to Darkness' Lightcones.

Xueyi will be featured alongside March 7th and Tingyun in the first half of Honkai Star Rail 1.6.

Even though both sisters' rarity is the same, their paths and elements are different.

Xueyi is a Quantum character with the path of Destruction, while Hanya is a Physical character with the path of Harmony.

Her kit is suitable for Sub DPS.


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