PUBG Mobile 3.0 is set to release in 2024

PUBG Mobile 3.0 update is ready to launch. It's coming in the new year with new fresh content. Release date revealed.

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PUBG Mobile 3.0 is set to release in 2024

The latest beta of PUBG Mobile is successful. Developers have now incorporated selected features from the beta into the global version of the game. New year, new update. The Game Publisher plans to globally release the PUBG Mobile 3.0 update on January 10, 2024. Where players can explore new in-game changes, new skins, and bug fixes.

PUBG Mobile is not the only version of the title. This game has different versions in many countries, with the popular one being PUBG Mobile Global. It is normally downloadable from the official PUBG Mobile website.

PUBG and BGMI content creator Lucky Man YT shares a list where different release dates are highlighted for all PUBG Mobile versions. He has a strong track record of providing accurate release date information for upcoming updates.

  • PUBG (update rollout start) – 08.01.2024
  • PUBG (rollout complete) – 10.01.2024
  • PUBG iOS App Store – 10.01.2024
  • PUBG Website (Global) – 10.01.2024
  • PUBG VN – 08.01.2024
  • PUBG KR – 09.01.2024

From the list, it is clear that the 3.0 update rollout will begin from January 8 and completed within 2 days on January 10.

For Indian fans, Krafton will announce the BGMI 3.0 update in late January 2024. BGMI players can keep their eyes on the official Instagram handle of the game, where Krafton usually announces most of their game updates.

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