Stelle Voice Actors in Honkai Star Rail (Female MC)

Honkai Star Rail Stelle Voice Actors in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Here are the faces behind the voices of Trailblazer Stelle.

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Stelle Voice Actors in Honkai Star Rail (Female MC)

Stelle is the female protagonist of Honkai Star Rail. When a player newly joins the game, they can start by choosing the female main character. Stelle is also known as the female Trailblazer. Every character has their voices in different languages. Stelle also has her voices in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. In this article, you will know about the voice actors behind the female MC.

Stelle English Voice Actor

Rachael Chau and Stelle

Rachel Chau is the English voice actor for Stelle. She is a voice actor based in New York City. Rachel is also known for Law & Order and The Tenth Line. She is a graduate of NYU Tisch Drama, where she studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and Stonestreet Studios. Rachel Chau has gained more popularity after voicing the female Trailblazer Stelle in HSR.

Stelle Japanese Voice Actor

Yui Ishikawa and Stelle

Yui Ishikawa lends her voice in Japanese for Stelle. She is a Japanese actress also known for Attack on Titan, A Silent Voice: The Movie, and NieR: Automata. Before she started as a voice actress, she was a stage actress and has voiced radio dramas. Yui Ishikawa also provided the Japanese dub for Clorinde in Genshin Impact.

Stelle Korean Voice Actor

Kim Ha-ru and Stelle

Stelle’s Korean voice is provided by Kim Ha-ru. She is a South Korean voice actor and a graduate of the 6th Daekyo Broadcasting Voice Actor Drama Society. The actor is also known for providing the voice of Peppa-Mint in the Korean dub of Kindi Kids. Kim Ha-ru also provides the Korean voice for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact.

Stelle Chinese Voice Actor

Chen Tingting and Stelle

Chen Tingting voiced Stelle in Chinese. She is a well-known Chinese voice actor for HoYoverse’s most games. She also provided the Chinese dub for Sushang. Before Honkai Star Rail, Chen Tingting voiced characters in Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact.

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