Raiden Shogun Voice Actors Genshin Impact (EN, JP, KR, CN)

Who lends their voices to the famous character Raiden Shogun? Here are the faces of all those voice actors behind the 5-star unit.

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Raiden Shogun Voice Actors Genshin Impact (EN, JP, KR, CN)

Raiden Shogun is a 5-star Electro character in this game. Even though she debuted a few years ago, her popularity is still at its peak among Genshin Impact players. Just being a beautiful character with some skills doesn’t mean why the character becomes a long-time favorite. Her voice also adds significant impact to making her the most beloved character. In this article, let’s find out who lends their voices to Raiden Shogun.

Raiden Shogun English Voice Actor

Anne Yatco and Raiden Shogun

Anne Yatco lends her voice in English for Raiden Shogun. She was born in the USA. The voice actress is also known for her roles in Kaisen and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Anne Yatco primarily voice acts in English dubs of anime, with a few exceptions.

Raiden Shogun Japanese Voice Actor

Miyuki Sawashiro and Raiden Shogun

Miyuki Sawashiro is the Japanese voice actor for Raiden Shogun. She is a Japanese voice actress known for her roles in various Japanese anime and games. Miyuki Sawashiro also voiced Makoto in Genshin Impact and Acheron in Honkai Star Rail.

Raiden Shogun Korean Voice Actor

Park Ji-yoon and Raiden Shogun

Park Ji-yoon is a South Korean voice actress who voiced Raiden Shogun in the Korean dub. She also lent her voice to Acheron in HSR. She is married to voice actor Jung Hung-suk.

Raiden Shogun Chinese Voice Actor

Juhuahua and Raiden Shogun

Ju Huahua is the Chinese voice actress for Raiden Shogun. She is a female voice actress who also lent her voice to Makoto, Acheron in Star Rail, and Raiden Mei and Dr. Mei in Honkai Impact 3rd.

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