Dan Heng Voice Actors HSR

Who voices the Dan Heng character in Honkai Star Rail? Here are the details of every voice actor behind Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae.

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Dan Heng Voice Actors HSR

Dan Heng is a Honkai Star Rail character also known for his Imbibitor Lunae form. Even though the character looks different when in Imbibitor Lunae form, the voice actors are the same for both of his versions. In this article, you will find out every voice actor’s introduction and mainly their looks. Let’s start with English actor information that will end up with the Chinese actor.

Dan Heng English Voice Actor

Nicholas Leung and Dan Heng

Nicholas Leung is the English voice actor for Dan Heng. He is also known for Stuck and The Prince of Tennis. According to his YouTube bio, he is a Chinese, Japanese, and American voice actor, as well as an actor for stage and screen. He also loves music and putting together some covers/originals. Nicholas Leung has gained more recognition after lending his voice to Dan Heng.

Dan Heng Japanese Voice Actor

Kent Itō and Dan Heng

Kent Itō is the Japanese voice actor for Dan Heng. He is an actor, singer, and composer from Tokyo who debuted as a voice actor in 2013. Kent started reading manga when he was in kindergarten, and his interest in both anime and manga grew as he got older. His hobbies include making music, drumming, playing the guitar, and watching musicals.

Dan Heng Korean Voice Actor

Kim Hye-sung and Dan Heng

Kim Hye-sung lends his voice for the Korean dub of Dan Heng. He is known for voicing the Korean dub version of Gen Otori in Ultraman Saga. He joined Daewon Broadcasting’s voice acting division in 2012 and became a freelancer in 2014.

Dan Heng Chinese Voice Actor

Li Chunyin and Dan Heng

Li Chunyin is the Chinese voice actor for Dan Heng. He is a male voice actor from Mainland China born on May 12, 1997. He joined the drama club during college. In order to continue his acting dream, he joined the Qingquan dubbing class in 2017. The actor gained popularity among Chinese Honkai Star Rail fans after voicing Dan Heng.

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