Black Swan Voice Actors in Honkai Star Rail

All voice actors behind Black Swan. See who lend their voices to this 5-star unit in Honkai Star Rail.

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Black Swan Voice Actors in Honkai Star Rail

Black Swan made her debut in Honkai Star Rail during version 2.0. She is a 5-star Wind character with the path of Nihility. When a new character debuts in the game, players always search for their voice actors. That’s why in the article, we will show you all the voice actors’ names and their faces, who lend their voices for Black Swan.

Black Swan English Voice Actor

Arryn Zech and Black Swan

Arryn Zech is the English voice actor for Black Swan. She is an American voice actress. Arryn Zech is known for her roles as Blake Belladonna in the American anime RWBY and Dr. Emily Grey in the longest-running web-based series, Red vs. Blue. She also lends her voice in other video games like SMITE and PALADINS, as well as in anime such as Girl’s Frontline and The Detective is Already Dead.

Black Swan Japanese Voice Actor

Hitomi Nabatame and Black Swan

Hitomi Nabatame is the Japanese voice actor for Black Swan. She is a Japanese actress, singer, and voice actor. Hitomi Nabatame has also gained recognition for her roles in Trinity Blood, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Black Swan Korean Voice Actor

Kim Ha-young and Black Swan

Kim Ha-Young lends her voice for the Korean dub of Black Swan. She is a South Korean voice actress known for voicing the Korean dub of Eri in Power Rangers Miracle Force and Navi in Power Rangers Captain Force. Kim Ha-Young also provides the Korean voice for Furina in Genshin Impact.

Black Swan Chinese Voice Actor

Yang Menglu and Black Swan

Black Swan’s Chinese voice actor is Yang Menglu. She is also known for voicing Texas from Arknights: Prelude to Dawn. Before Honkai Star Rail, she voiced Aponia in Honkai Impact 3rd.

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