Acheron Voice Actor in Honkai Star Rail (EN, JP, KR, CN VAs)

Here are the Voice Artists of Acheron. All Faces behind the voices of the 5-star Nihility character.

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Acheron Voice Actor in Honkai Star Rail (EN, JP, KR, CN VAs)

Acheron is a 5-star Lightning character with the path of Nihility. After seeing her, fans are looking for the voices behind her. If you also want to know who the artists are that lend their voices to Acheron, you are in the right place. As she is a female character, her voices are provided by voice actresses.

Acheron English Voice Actor

Allegra Clark and Acheron

Allegra Clark is the English voice actress for Acheron. She is a Los Angeles-based voice actress, primarily working in video games. Allegra Clark has gained recognition also for her roles in Apex Legends, Street Fighter 6, and Jujutsu Kaisen. In Genshin Impact, she lends her voice to Beidou. Now, Honkai Star Rail also has a character voiced by the well-known voice actress.

Acheron Japanese Voice Actor

Miyuki Sawashiro and Acheron

Miyuki Sawashiro lends her beautiful voice to Acheron in Japanese. She is a Japanese voice actress, known for her roles in various Japanese anime and games. Miyuki Sawashiro also voiced Raiden Shogun and Makoto in Genshin Impact.

Acheron Korean Voice Actor

Park Ji-yoon and Acheron

Park Ji-yoon is a South Korean voice actress who voiced Acheron in the Korean dub. She also lent her voice to Saki Rouyama in Power Rangers Engine Force. She is married to voice actor Jung Hung-suk.

Acheron Chinese Voice Actor

Ju huahua and Acheron

Ju Huahua is the Chinese voice actress for Acheron. She is a female voice actress who also lent her voice to Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun, Makoto, and Honkai Impact 3rd’s Raiden Mei and Dr. Mei.

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